New @ MBF 2020

NEW @ MBF 2020

A Trend towards Natural and High-Quality Products

Owing to increasing purchasing power and changing
tastes, more and more Indian parents are now cherrypicking
the products for their little ones. With many Indian
consumers adopting an ‘organic’ lifestyle, the market for
organic products looks quite lively. Over the past five to six
years, the organic baby products market has registered
impressive growth, and this market is expected to register
a higher growth rate in the coming years.

India is the second leading global textile manufacturer and
the second largest producer of natural textile fibers in the
world. These advantages are bound to push the growth of
the organic clothing market segment in a big way. Besides
More and more Indian parents are going for organic baby

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Experience Zone for Mothers

newborn baby mother adorable 38535Introducing ‘Experience Zone’ in the second edition of Mommy & Baby Fair 2020 that invites mothers to the platform wherein they get to experience latest products, survey pins and brands displayed by various exhibitors for free sampling and feedback.

It will be a one of its kind zone and theme which will enable the industry players to reach out to Indian mothers about the latest innovations taking place and the kind of products there are, that will be elucidated by the manufacturers or suppliers themselves. Here you can read more about The Dublin Roofers. The Experience Zone will act as a designated area for mothers to experience and witness a wide array of products as well as the exhibitors also will get to connect to mothers and know their reviews forthwith.