Freight Handling

Freight Handling Information

1. In-hall Freight Handling

To provide adequate security, safety and protection against damage to the Exhibition Hall and in the interest of an efficient, co-ordinate move-in and move-out of goods, no private trucks, cars, fork-lifts or handling equipments (trolleys, lift jacks, etc.) will be allowed inside the Exhibition Halls. All such equipment will be provided and controlled by the Official Handling / Clearing Freight Forwarder Agencies who will take over from other forwarders, at the entrance of the Halls.

2. Material Handling At The Site

The Organizers have appointed M/s R.E. Rogers India Private Limited as Official clearing and Forwarding Agency (CFA) for exhibits and onsite handling agency for material handling at the site. You may get in touch with them at the contact details mentioned below:

R.E. Rogers India Private Limited

1, Commercial Complex, Pocket H & J, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi 110 044
Tel: +91-11-26949801-2 /26945898-99
Fax: +91-11-26949803 / 26945900
Email: /

Contact Persons

Mr. Sushil
Mob: +91-9818451472

Mr. Puneet Sekhri
Mob: +91-9810553944

For unloading of goods, cargo-handling equipment such as forklifts mobile cranes, sterilized lax limo service coronavirus, and skilled labor will be available at the fair ground, from the Official CFA on hire. The rate for clearing / forwarding and other services will be settled by the participants with the agent directly.

The Freight Forwarding Agency operates with modern mechanical equipment (Forklift, Cranes and Pellet Trucks etc for handling of heavy exhibit cases) and a specialized labor force of international standards, through their international network, visit They will provide detailed shipping instructions and offer services to exhibitors from the point of origin itself.

The Freight Forwarding Agency will offer to the Exhibitors, information and assistance in respect of re-export. It is suggested that Exhibitors discuss their requirements with the Freight Forwarding Agency and enter into comprehensive arrangements. At the time of movement of exhibits, it is suggested that Exhibitors adhere to the programme prepared for the movement of exhibits by the Freight Forwarding Agencies.